Testimonials & Reviews

My wife and I had been looking for a videographer for quite a while. Having a great video of our wedding was something that we just had to have. We wanted to know that we could go back to that day at any time and really enjoy it. Steve from Forever Video accomplished this for us. From the "behind the scenes" shots to the ceremony, the cocktail hour and our reception, Steve covered it all. We were very particular about our first dance, which we had choreographed and worked very hard on. Steve captured every step. The final edit was great! He included pictures of us and music of our choice in a great montage. We got to see more our guests enjoying themselves that we didn't get to see on that day. When all was said and done, we were left with an incredible DVD of our special day. Overall, I would encourage others to check out the work of Forever Video. We were extremely happy with this vendor.

—Scott and Melanie

"The wedding video was absolutely amazing and exceeded all of our expectations.  You certainly have a gift and we are so lucky to have been able to experience it."

—Colleen and Christian

"Steve did a great job on our wedding video. We were extremely happy with his professional demeanor as well as relaxed yet efficient approach to dealing with us. Steve did not hound us with logistics of the video process, instead formed a trusting bond off the bat which left us comfortable leaving the work up to him. We decided to leave artistic license predominantly in Steve's hands, and the final product was more then we could have imagined. We are more than pleased with his service, and whole hearted recommend him to anyone needing a video service for their event."  

—Abby and David