Forever Videography & Photography Services

Relive your "big day" again and again with videography services from Forever Video and Photography! Our documentary-style is designed to be interesting and informative, and many years from now, we hope you'll still feel as if you're in the video.  We record the entire day for you in a professional manner. It is important to compare videographers so that you are aware of what the different styles are—contact us to find out more about our style.

Why Choose Us?

All video is high quality, high to standard definition (blu-ray and standard) DVDs. 

We offer a detailed long story on blu-ray discs, using high level video cameras.

We include movie style short stories...

Video Packages

We offer customized video packages that can provide an array of editing options, from film looks to standard video.  Call us to compare, whether a multible camera shoot or single camera.

Wedding Photography

We work with several outstanding photographers, so call or e-mail and we will have a photographer call you directly. Contact us for more information.

More About Our Wedding Videography

Wedding videos are shot using Hi-Definition to ensure that your wedding video looks the best. This makes your wedding video fit the new HDTV's in widescreen. The future of wedding videos is here and Forever Video and Photography is bringing it to you in the New York, NY area.

Blu-Ray Video Editing & HD Filming

Call us to save your hi-definition home movies edited to blu-ray discs.  This method will provide you with the same quality video on your television when using a blu-ray player as in your hi -definition camera.

Call for information about our upcoming

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We will provide a low price and videos we have filmed and edited.

  • Performance Arts
  • Medical Healthcare Industry
  • Legal
  • Graduations
  • Recitals
  • Music Projects
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate Videos

  • Video Montages


Capture Your Special Day to Relive All Over Again—A Love Story to Be Remembered